This will probably be my last post to everyone in my Multi Media class. I had an amazing time with all you guys! The 3 weeks we had together I will not forget! I hope you all have an amazing summer and I hope to see you all again!

That’s whats up! Kyle Out

HSI Reflection

HSI Classes: My classes here at HSI have taught me many things about how to use technology such as computers. They taught me this stuff and I will surely not forget about the teachers and classes. It has been an amazing experience and I hope to see my teachers again. They brought much enjoyment into this program and for that I say thank you.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory here at HSI would probably be the dance. This is because I found out a lot about people and for how amazing and awesome each person is here at HSI. As well as this I danced like no other! It is the only time where I had no bounds and just enjoyed everything. I hope everyone else had the same memory as I did because it is one I will never forget.

Funniest Moment: My funniest moment here at HSI is probably with my two friends Gretchen and Denia because they cracked me up everyday. Especially this one time when they were coming down to the Downey Hall’s lobby and they were about to go through some doors that you needed to pull to open it they, however; were not aware of this and both of them at the same time hit the door! It was the funniest moment here while I was at HSI.

Effects of HSI: For being at this camp for nearly 3 weeks I think I have grown some new and great qualities that I will use for the rest of my life. One of these is to always be friendly even for people that bother you. Friendship goes a long way in life. Also to always introduce and be open to new people in my life. There are some amazing kids here that I would of never talked to, but this camp allowed me to and these people I can now call my friends.

Prepared me for college: I think this camp was a great example of the college life and what the future may be like. It did this by showing me that we actually have to wake up before 7 to get ready for classes and the morning. Also how to share a room with someone that you may have never met before. Also it showed me that you do have to pay attention for you to understand what is going on in a class.

Reliving HSI: If I had the option to relive this camp I would not do anything different. I made some amazing friends and I had a blast at this camp.

Going Home: Going home will be very sad but when I do go home I will definitely brag about this camp. I will talk about the awesome people I got to meet, and all the awesome skills I picked up while being here.

Conclusion: I hope everyone had as good of a time as I did and everyone have an amazing summer and life and I know I will see you all again!